Tips for Maintaining Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs are commonly installed on major businesses and warehouses, but they are also installed on homes in dry or desert areas. However, flat roof construction has unique challenges, including drainage and ventilation issues. These are a few regular maintenance tips for buildings with flat roofs.

Get Regular Inspections

Unlike pitched roofs, flat roof construction cannot be easily viewed from the ground. They also have such unique issues that they require regular inspections. In fact, some say that you should have these roofs inspected up to three times per year, especially after heavy rain or snow. The inspector will search for blisters in the roofing material, pooling water, cracks, flashing damage and soft areas. Don’t forget to have your flashing inspected as well.

Keep Your Trees Pruned

Tree branches can drop onto or lay on your roof, causing damage. They can also transfer moss, which naturally spreads and can get into and under your roofing material compromising it.

Clean it Regularly

Flat roofs attract more debris than peaked roofs, which means that they need to be cleaned regularly. You don’t want plant material, dirt and other debris to collect on top of your roof because the weight can compromise the structure and the materials can puncture your roofing material. Use a broom and carefully remove everything without causing additional damage.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

At least once per year, you should clean your gutters and downspouts. Unlike pitched roofs, overflow from these structures can cause water to pool on top of your roof, which may lead to leaks and structural issues.

Remove Excess Snow and Ice

Your roof has a specific weight limit. If you receive snow during the winter months, your roof can exceed its weight limit. Therefore, keep an eye on the snow load and gently remove the snow and ice that accumulates during heavy storms to prevent a roof collapse.

Consider working with a flat roof construction company for your roofing maintenance.