Should You Install EPDM Roofing in the Summer?

While roofing is a durable covering for your structure, it is possible for the materials to wear down over time or become damaged by falling debris or excess water. Harsh weather conditions are often the culprits behind punctures or tears, and some roofing materials are more susceptible to punctures than others. This is the case with EPDM roofing. When it’s time to repair or replace the roof, summer is a good season when you are working with this material.

Installation Time of EPDM

If there are problems with your existing roof, you should consider the summer season for any repairs or replacement. It’s never wise to wait until summer if the leak is causing serious damage, but you can maximize the repairs done if the work is performed when it is hot and dry outside. EPDM needs time to cure and harden, and while this can happen at any time, you will have the broken part cured more quickly if you do it when it’s hot. The process is more efficient and successful.

Eco-Friendly Nature of Rubber Roofing

Summertime is a great time for roofing work, but working with EPDM is an eco-friendly choice. In addition to a durable covering protecting the stability of a structure and the contents within, this roofing material is perfect for those looking to save the environment. It is made from a mix of recycled materials and is installed easily. It also provides the following benefits to the environment:

  • The heat reflective nature of the materials reduces energy consumption related to cooling costs in the summer.
  • The materials are incredibly durable and withstand damage from cold, heat and water for a longer lifespan.
  • The materials are resistant to tears from weathering and can tolerate heavy foot traffic, avoiding costly maintenance.

Installing an EPDM roof in the summer gives plenty of time to the installers to get the job done without weather complications. It also ensures the roof cures properly and forms the durable protection your building needs.