How To Address Common Roof Coating Issues

A roof coating’s purpose is to provide an extra layer of protection to your building. If the coat doesn’t adhere to the roof properly or you ignore other issues because of it, however, serious problems can occur. Here are some ways to get the most out of your coating.

Commit to Regular Maintenance

Adding extra protection to your roof doesn’t automatically solve every problem. A coating is no excuse to become lax with regular maintenance, particularly if your roof is older. You still need to be just as vigilant as you would without the coating. Arrange for a yearly inspection with a professional roofer and fix any problems that arise as soon as you know about them.

Make Repairs Before Application

Before you put a roof coating on your building, you need to make sure that all the flashings, seams and other parts of the roof are intact and in good working order. You want to start with a roof that’s already strong before you add the extra layer of protection. Expecting a coating to compensate for flaws is dooming it to fail.

Prepare the Roof Ahead of Time

Once you’ve made sure your roof is in good shape, it must be prepared for the coating. Professional roofers can analyze your roof and advise on the right coating to use to ensure that it sticks properly. For example, a concrete roof that repels water is not likely to do well with a water-based coating, so another option must be used. Once the right coating has been selected, the roof is cleaned and smoothed out before it is applied.

Most of the problems building owners have with their roof coatings stem from neglected maintenance or poor application. An experienced roofer can help you avoid these issues by providing solid advice and service.