Facts on Commercial Roofing

Photo of new roof with asphalt tile and two white chimney on new home under construction, against blue sky

Part of the routine maintenance schedule of your commercial building should be to inspect your roof. From minor cracks in your flat roof to corroded steel or balding shingles, there are many ways that a commercial roof can become compromised and lead to additional damage throughout your building. Learn more about your roof and find out how to properly maintain it today.

Durable Alternatives

While shingles remain a popular option for commercial roofs, there are many alternatives that can prove to be a worthwhile investment. Metal roofing is a long-lasting water barrier that protects your roof from rain, high winds, snow and falling debris. With professional installation, you can expect a metal roof to last 50 years or more.

Of course, metal isn’t the only option available to you. Asphalt or wood shingles can both provide the durability you need to protect your commercial building. Take the time to research your options and ask a commercial roofing contractor which material will be the best investment for your particular location.

Importance of Lasting Repairs

Don’t attempt an amateur repair for your commercial roof. Without proper training and experience, it’s difficult to successfully install or repair a roof. Choose a commercial contractor who uses long-term investment strategies to give you the best repairs you need. If a small patch in your shingles may prevent a leak, but your entire roof needs to be replaced in a year or two, it may be more cost-effective to simply replace your entire roof.

The Commercial Difference

Find a roofing contractor who is specifically experienced in commercial roof repair and installation. This specialization allows them to understand exactly what’s best for your roof. A contractor who focuses on residential services may not have the tools or experience necessary for a commercial operation, particularly if you have a large commercial building. Contact a local professional roofing contractor today to receive an estimate on your commercial roofing maintenance and installation.