Types of Commercial and Residential Options for a Flat Roof

Modern materials give you more options than ever before for choosing the best flat roof. There are countless types of flat roofing, each with different price points, qualities and benefits. When you’re working with professionals, none of the options are negative, but certain types of flat roofs are a better fit for specific applications. What factors should you consider?

A Residential or a Commercial Flat Roof

Both homes and businesses can have flat roofs, but the needs of both categories are often quite different. For example, a large factory with flat roofing needs to think about things such as the total weight of the roofing components. A smaller flat roof for homes doesn’t put as much weight on underlying structures. Also, commercial businesses may need to think about the effects of nearby chemicals on roof integrity, which is something homeowners probably don’t need to worry about.

The Type of Benefits Needed

Some types of flat roofing offer incredible energy efficiency. TPO roofs are popular in homes and businesses for cutting down on energy costs. If you’re into saving money each month, then TPO should be at the top of your list.

Also, the waterproof construction and minimal seams of TPO keep a business’s interior well protected for ages. Tears and puncture marks generally aren’t an issue due to the material’s blend of strength and flexibility. Best of all, TPO is highly resistant to chemicals.

Does your flat roof see regular foot traffic? In that case, EPDM rubber roofing may be a better choice. This material is easy to maintain and repair. Taking care of preventative maintenance only takes pros a single visit.

Green Living

A newer type of flat roof that stands out anywhere is green roofing. Using soil, vegetation and beautiful plants, green roofs cool building interiors while providing breathtaking surroundings. A green roof is a wonderful way of integrating your home or business with nature while lowering heating and cooling costs significantly.