How Can You Tell If Commercial Roof Replacement Is Necessary?

The best roofing contractors want to help your business save money and enjoy great results. These experts have experience with roof installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement. They can handle both repairs and commercial roof replacement just as well, so the decision of which to choose often depends on your preferences.

Factors To Help You Decide

Is replacement best for your roof or should you keep going with repairs? Think about these factors before making a decision:

  • Roof age: Depending on whether you have a flat commercial roof or a sloped one, the room may last 10–20 years comfortably. The closer your roof is to the high end of that estimate, the more it may make sense to replace instead of repair. Older roofs are simply more vulnerable to leaks.
  • Original installation: Did you hire a trustworthy pro to install the roof in the first place or go with the cheapest option possible? Poor installation often means problems will keep appearing over and over. In that case, it’s probably time to do it right.
  • Cost of repairs: Deeper problems are more expensive than surface issues. Taking care of a leak in EPDM roofing may be relatively inexpensive, while having to redo an entire section of shingles may mean it’s more cost-effective just to replace the whole roof while you’re at it.
  • Roof condition: If you’re noticing problems in a new commercial building you just purchased, it’s a good idea to have experts check the roof’s overall condition. With isolated problems, you can usually get away with high-quality repairs. If the entire roof shows signs of weather damage, a lack of maintenance or water filtration, it’s like a ticking time bomb that’s better replaced.

There’s no simple answer to the repair versus replacement question. Sometimes, repairs can save you money and give you excellent performance for years. Other times, replacement is the best way to save money. The key to deciding whether to repair or opt for commercial roof replacement usually comes down to how well the roof has been maintained.