Roof repair services are one of the most important preventative maintenance services for your home, and flat roof repair is no exception. Repairing a flat roof requires unique materials and installation techniques, but the signs of a damaged flat roof are very similar to a sloped one. Here are some basic signs that it’s time to have a professional repair your roof.

Pooled Water

Standing water is a sign that your roof has an uneven patch or clogged drainage system. Even the most water-tight materials can eventually start to leak when water is pooled on your roof, so be sure to address this issue immediately. A licensed contractor can safely assess the standing water situation and determine how to keep it moving off your roof.

Holes in Your Roof

This is one of the most obvious factors to look for but also one of the most difficult to spot. A hole in your roofing material requires immediate flat roof repair services. Consider setting a routine inspection schedule or other service to prevent a small hole from becoming a major headache.

Moisture Inside Your Home

Interior water damage may be caused by a leak in your plumbing system, but a more common cause is a leak in your roof. Contact a roofing team immediately to find the issue in your flat roof and offer prompt repairs.

Old Roofing Materials

Every roofing material has a limited lifetime. As materials break down and wear out, talk to a roofing contractor about replacing your entire roof. A series of small holes and leaks may be more expensive than an entire replacement, so it’s worth asking for a quote.

Request an Inspection Today

Contact a professional near you for a flat roof repair or replacement quote. Enjoy safe, efficient and hassle-free services as you work with a premier team of roofing experts to keep your flat roof leak free.

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