Having constant water intrusion into your basement can be a frustrating experience. There are several reasons why it happens and the fix may not always be obvious. One cause of all that water could be due to poor drainage off your roof. While it is designed to shed large amounts of water, you don’t want all of it ending up inside your basement either. Here are a few ways that roof drainage can cause problems when that moisture reaches the basement level.


All that water coming off the slope of the roof needs to go somewhere. Without gutters installed it would simply fall off the eaves of the house and pool near the foundation. Ensuring that gutters are properly installed and capable of handling the runoff is essential. Clogged or broken gutters can create the same conditions as not having any at all. If leaves and debris prevent water from flowing smoothly then it will overflow and simply fall straight down the side of your house.

Drain Spouts

The vertical downspouts attached to the gutters do direct water away from your home, but sometimes not far enough. Large storms can cause accumulating water where these exit. You may have added landscaping or mulch beds since the home was built that can compound the issue. Downspout extensions and underground drainage systems can move the water further away from the foundation where it can’t enter the basement.

Grading and Landscaping

The amount the ground slopes away from your home can also play a role in water in your basement. It is often difficult to tell if land is graded properly or not. Landscaping additions can also cause water to sit in one place. You may need to add a downspout to divert water away from landscaped areas that it can’t easily drain out of.

Solving the issue of a leaky basement may seem like a daunting task. Finding an experienced roofing professional that has seen similar conditions will help identify problem spots quickly.

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