3 Reasons Power Washing Your Commercial Roof and Siding Should be a Part of Normal Maintenance

Most business owners understand that commercial roofing and siding will not maintain itself. Ensuring the longevity of a roof and other building materials means performing annual inspections, but also, you must ensure that your roofing system and building remains clean and well cared for, which includes power washing from time-to-time. Thankfully, several companies provide this essential service. However, you must understand the importance of cleaning, so you don’t write off power washing as an unnecessary expense.

1. Curb Appeal

First, consider that power washing improves the curb appeal of your business. Throughout the year, dust, dirt and debris will contaminate the surface of your siding and roofing system. The result is a business that appears dingy and grubby. While not necessarily a detriment to all businesses, a dirty exterior can turn some clients away. Therefore, having your company power-washed at least once per year will ensure customers are always greeted with a vibrant and clean exterior.

2. Protection

Next, it is necessary to consider the complications of excessive buildups of dirt and grime on a roof. The accumulation of muck can create pockets for standing water, which can degrade the surface materials of the structure, leading to potential leaks and costly problems. Power washing commercial roofing has two benefits: (1) it reduces risks of external damage and (2) it provides an opportunity for early intervention of imperfections.

3. Safety

Last, the routine power washing of your facility can contribute to the prolonged safety of your building. If cleaning is neglected, then minor damage will probably go unnoticed, which means problems continue to develop and worsen, which can lead to structural issues and water damage.

Commercial roofing and siding require maintenance and upkeep. Typically power washing should be performed as part of routine maintenance. As most business owners are too busy to be distracted by such projects, consider hiring a roofing company to maintain and inspect your roof.