Most people know the danger roof damage poses to their home. Gutter guards are a smart addition that can not only save you the hassle of constant cleaning, but help prevent the water backup that often leads to damaged roofs.

How Damage Occurs

In many cases roof damage is directly related to a clogged gutter. The buildup of leaves, dirt, twigs and other materials in the gutter can lead to the backup of rain water onto the roof. The water then sits and seeps into the roof leading to damage and rot. In most cases one way to help prevent this is by regularly cleaning the gutter. However, if you live in an area with many trees or other potential debris, remembering to schedule this maintenance often enough to protect your roof can become a hassle. In this case a guard can help prevent clutter between cleanings.

Why Guards Are Important

In most cases cleaning a gutter involves scheduling a professional to come and sweep out and unclog the gutter. Knowing how often to do this can vary depending on your location. However, one way many professionals recommend to help maintain your gutter between cleanings is with the use of gutter guards. These devices are comprised of a long strip of metal which fits over the top of your gutter. The holes in this strip act as a strainer for all the debris that can end up on your roof. The design allows water to pass freely into your gutter, while the leaves stay on top. This system can help prevent much of the clutter that clogs gutters and eventually leads to problems..

Cleaning your gutters regularly is an important step to roof care. However, many people find constantly cleaning the gutter out to be a hassle. One great way to maintain your roof s with the use of gutter guards. They can help shield your gutter between regular cleanings and help keep your roof damage free.

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