Maybe it’s time for you to get a new roof for your house. If so, you’ve got plenty of options to explore. Have you heard of torch down roofing? It’s a membrane roof composed of polyester and fiberglass that’s blended with gravel and tar roofing. Learn more about the aspects of this easy-to-install roofing option.


As with any type of roof, you’ve got to have a plan for how you’ll install a torch down roof. You’ll want to rely on a roofing company that takes steps to prevent unnecessary accidents and prioritizes safety. It’s also best to choose a company that has experience with torch down roofing, as there are flame torches and seams involved. Installation of these roofs is quick and easy, but the process is made faster and easier with the right team on the job.


Speaking of prioritizing safety, the flame torches used for a torch down roof can present a special danger. For instance, roofers can sustain burns or suffer harm from breathing in toxic fumes. Your roof needs to be cleared of anything flammable, as that risks your home just as much as it does your roof. Put in extra effort to hire a company that has a solid safety record.


As with practically any other type of roof, torch down roofing can leak. During installation, make sure steps are taken to prevent leaking as much as possible. While holes can be taken care of with a patch, there are also self-sealing features you can have installed on your roof. Look into the pricing for such an option. A self-sealing roof could be an especially good idea if you live in an area that’s prone to receiving a lot of rainfall.

Start researching roofing companies in your area that specialize in torch down roofing. Depending on your property and your specific needs, it could make for the perfect option.

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