Getting a new roof on your home is one of the biggest jobs a homeowner will ever do. It is important to get it right, otherwise you might be paying more than necessary, or you could even wind up doing it again in a few years. That is why a free roof inspection by a quality roofing contractor is such an important step.


For starters, when a roofing representative comes out to your home you can tell a lot about the company. Did the inspector come out on time and when stated? Did the inspector arrive in a company truck with the logo of the company on it? You can also gauge the knowledge of the inspector by how he or she acts while on your premises. Did the inspector conduct a thorough roof inspection instead of just a cursory glance at the roof? If a full roof replacement is recommended, you want to make sure this is based on the right amount of information.


At this time, you can also ask a lot about the roofing company. Has it been in business for a long time? Can it put you in contact with satisfied customers or provide a list of jobs it has done in your area? All of these interactions will go a long ways toward letting you know if this is a company you will want to hire. A company that charges you for an inspection might be more interested in getting your money than in doing a good job.


A quality roof inspection is a good idea because it protects you from major problems down the road. It can find minor problems before they become major problems. A faulty roof could result in leaks, mold or even insect problems. Having an inspection is an easy, and free, way to protect your home’s value.

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