As the owner of an industrial complex, you understand that your roofing needs differ from those of homeowners in residential areas. Be sure to contact a commercial roofer when it’s time to replace the roof of your building. These roofers are experts in commercial roof replacement and can explain to you the different types of roofs for commercial and industrial buildings.


The most common type of roof in industrial areas is the flat roof. However, flat roofs do come with certain disadvantages, such as drainage issues, and only an experienced commercial roofer can get the job done right in order to prevent issues in the future. Low slope roofs are similar to flat roofs but as the name implies, have a slight slope. This is very helpful in providing some sort of drainage for rainwater.

As for business complexes, hot tar roofs can often be found as a form of flat roof. They are competitively priced and quite aesthetical, hence a great choice for roof replacement. Roofing tar is durable and resistant to UV rays and other elements like snow and rain. Additionally, it provides an effective fire-retardant finish.


Metal roofs are becoming more popular for some very good reasons. These roofs are so durable that they often last for decades. Modern metal roofs come with specific improvements, such as thermal coatings, which only adds to their repertoire of advantages. Other great aspects about metal roofs in roof replacement are fire resistance, heat conduction and speed of installation.


Then there are also rubber roofs. Contrary to popular belief, rubber roofs are not only for RVs. Rubber roofs are very effective in helping with the issue of leakage of flat roofs. They are long-lasting, weather resistant and durable. The installation of solid rubber roofing in roof replacement is best left to a professional.


Considering that many industrial roofs also serve as work zones or are highly trafficked, it is crucial that they are extremely durable. Modified bitumen, created from various layers of thick and durable material, is often used in these situations.


Industrial roofs should always be installed by commercial roofers. They have the experience, knowledge and materials necessary for a successful commercial roof replacement.

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