A leaky roof can cause structural damage to the rest of any building, especially a commercial building. It is important to recognize the signs of a leaking commercial roof.



One of the easiest ways to tell when a building has a leak comes from inside observation. If you have to use several buckets every time it rains, the likelihood is that you need to replace your roof.


Brown Spots on the Ceiling

In places where there are leaks, the ceiling tile will develop brown spots from stains created by pooling water. If there are no discernable leaks from pipes or no plumbing in that area, then the likely source is a leaky roof.


Light Patches

If sunlight can be seen from your ceiling and you don’t have a sunroof, then it’s time to call someone to repair the roof. There could be gaps between the structures of your roof, such as chimneys.


Shingle Pieces in the Gutter

Another tell-tale shine that it may be time for a roof replacement is if there are pieces of tile in the gutter. These pieces don’t necessarily have to be large: tile granules are part of the tile, and the presence of a lot could mean that the tile’s integrity is compromised.


Shingle Damage

When shingles show signs of damage, it is time to consider getting a new commercial roof. This damage could include cracking, blistering, or curling, all signs of water damage. Even if only one or two tiles show visible damage, it is more likely that more will show damage in the near future.


Sagging or Uneven Roof

If the roof is visible uneven or sags in places, then it is likely damaged underneath the tile and prone to leaks. This is dangerous as under adverse weather conditions, the roof is susceptible to caving in.


A leaking commercial roof can damage a business—not only its merchandise but also its reputation. Keep you r roof and business in order by knowing the signs and calling for repairs when needed.