Composite Roofing: A Winning Combination

Putting a new roof on your home is definitely one of the most challenging home improvement projects you’ll face as a homeowner. Not only is the task time-consuming, but it requires expert skill if you want the job done correctly. Also, there are different types of roofs to choose from with a number of popular, effective materials at your disposal. One type to consider is composite roofing. The following are reasons why you should ask a professional roofing company to put this style on your home when it’s time for your next roof installation.



Putting a new roof on your home isn’t something you want to do or pay for every 10 or 15 years. This is a feature that you want to last for at least 25 years. One of the great things about composite roofing is that is can do its job nicely for up to 50 years. In many cases, a roofing contractor will offer lifetime warranties on the product.


Resists the Harsh Environment


No matter where you live, your roof will be exposed to bad weather from time to time. Whether it’s snow, rain or high winds, you need a roof you can trust will hold up to these harsh elements for years to come. Composite roof installation ensures that you have a roof capable of standing up to 80–100 mph winds. In addition, these types of roofs are flame resistant and stop the spread of fire.


Low Maintenance


While consistent cleaning and maintenance of your roof is important to prolonging its life and ensuring its peak performance, you don’t need as much intense maintenance with composite roofing as you do with other types. Algae buildup is common with this type of roofing, so this will be an issue to pay attention to.


Roof installation offers many options. Before automatically choosing asphalt shingles, give serious consideration to composite.