The roof of the house with nice window.What if your biggest home inefficiency was your roof? If your roof is at the end of its lifespan it may be time to consider something a little more energy efficient to save money on your energy bill.

Keeping Cool

Many Americans choose dark, asphalt shingles for their roof system. However what many don’t know is that in the summer dark colors absorb the heat, causing your air conditioner to use much more energy to keep your home cool. To improve the efficiency of your roof system without opting for a more costly, “cool roof” system, go for asphalt shingles that are lighter in color, which will reflect the sun’s light rather than absorb it. This will keep your shingles significantly cooler, which, in turn, keeps your whole house cooler.

Staying Warm

Keeping your house warm in the winter is less about your roofing materials, and more about proper sealing and insulation in your attic—between your living space and roof. If your home energy bill is high, and especially if you have problems with ice dams forming on your roof,  give us a call at Elite Roofing, and we’ll come over and inspect your system so we can determine ways to make your roof more energy efficient.


There are two likely culprits causing your energy inefficiency, both of which we can fix. The first is leaks between the living space and the attic. The second is inadequate attic insulation. Sealing the attic involves filling in gaps in the attic floor, which are caused by normal house settling or from various holes made to install light fixtures, wires, and ducts. Adding attic insulation actually makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient year round. The insulation not only keeps heat in the house all winter, but also serves as a barrier to keep heat out in the summer. When these two problems are properly corrected, you will see your home energy bill drop significantly.
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