Plumbing consisting of copper gutter and drain.

Heavy rain, melting snow, falling leaves, an occasional tennis ball: Gutters hold a lot of stuff and eventually, they become worn out. As roof system professionals, we know how vital the gutter system is to the health of your roof, which is why you should take the time to make sure your gutter system is functioning properly. There are some simple signs to look for to know if you need a gutter replacement. A quick inspection following a rainfall is an ideal time to check for possible problems and the need for gutter repair.


Gutters are attached to a house with clips or screws. If those become loose, the entire piece can fall down. When inspecting your roofline, look for pieces that are starting to pull away from the roof.


If you see water pooling in spots on the ground below the gutter, rather than running smoothly down to the spout, you may need to replace some pieces. Leaks may the result of cracks or even holes created by rust. If the gutter damage includes corrosion, you will need replacement parts.


Basement flooding can be caused by faulty gutters. Damaged pieces may be allowing water to pour into your basement instead of down a water spout. It may be the result of something simple like a clog, or it could be the result of worn drains. Not surprisingly, the top reason for flooded basements is poorly working gutters.


What causes problems in the first place? Gutters can easily become backed up with debris, particularly in the fall when leaves land in them and form a dam. Soon the weather turns colder, and snow begins to pile up on the roof. When the snow melts, the water cannot drain properly and the gutters begin to leak from the volume of water.


To prevent this from happening, your gutters should be regularly cleaned to remove any debris. When snow accumulates on the roof, use a snow rake to remove the bottom two inches to allow a path for the melt to go.


If you have regular inspections completed, you’ll know when you need a gutter replacement or gutter repair work done. A simple check now can save you from paying thousands of dollars in home damage later.


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