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Are Asphalt Shingles Right For Your Roof?

A newly installed composition asphalt shingle roof

Asphalt shingles are the material of choice for the roofs of many homes. In general, they keep the home from water leaks after rainfall. However, adverse weather conditions such as hail and even prolonged ice buildup can cause this material to tear. Problems that arise from this can be subtle and hard to detect.


To avoid this situation, it’s best to choose a shingle that is not as flexible and easy to bend. This is something usually best left to professionals with the experience necessary to choose the right kinds of materials. At Elite Roofing we will be able to spot the types of problems that occur from using a softer material and can guide you to the right type of replacement materials.


Water in the winter time is one of the worst conditions for asphalt roofs. This is because as the water freezes it expands and can cause cracks. Snow can cause trouble as well if it accumulates enough to cause weight problems. It’s best to try and clear off as much of the snow as possible to avoid collapse.


Why do people use asphalt for their roofing materials? In general, asphalt is inexpensive and easy to install. It also is easy to replace in the event of damage. This material is specific to the United States and is not as prevalent in European houses.


If you live in an area that experiences rough winters with snow and ice, and your roofer tells you it is time to have your roof replaced, you should consider having a rubber sheath laid down as this can help prevent ice build up, which is commonly referred to as ice damming. This ice damming is shown to cause leaks as the ice starts to melt. The sheathing however, will reduce the occurrence of this and is relatively easy to install as you are getting asphalt shingles replaced.


If you’re concerned about your asphalt shingles this winter or in the near future talk to a local professional like us at Elite Roofing to determine if there’s a better alternative roofing material for your home and climate. It never hurts to get a roof inspection if you’re suspicious that something may need repair. The sooner you catch a potential problem, the better for your home, family and wallet. For roofing questions and concerns give us a call or click here for a free quote.

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