Beautiful Home With Shingle RoofAnyone who is working on a new roofing project comes to a stage where they must consider whether or not roof protection with a sealant is necessary. Some may be tempted to forgo it due to the extra expense. Others might think that their roof is already well built enough to withstand the elements. In reality, sealant should always be applied. Choosing the best roofing sealants all depends on the conditions the roof will have to face.


Not only do sealants help protect those living under the roof, they  also increase its lifespan. There are different sealants for different situations, and picking the right one can make a difference.


Acrylic coatings are the most popular option for roof protection. This coating is cost effective and deals well with fluctuating temperatures. However, it is not as resistant to wear and tear as some of the other options, especially when it comes to pooling water.


Polyurethane coatings are known for their high durability. This enables the coating to protect against a wide range of different weather conditions. Polyurethane can handle water collecting and has a high tensile strength. At the same time,however,  it is not as effective in hot climates. For hot climate we suggest silicone coatings. The breathability and UV resistance of these roofing sealants make them great for warm, dry conditions.


When it comes to homes and buildings here in the northeastern part of the states, your best option for waterproofing is most likely a polyurethane sealant. This is because it can stand up to a high volume of rain and moisture.


Choosing the right roof protection all depends on the major adversaries your roof will be facing in its hopefully long lifetime. Whether it needs to stand up against rain, wind, sun, snow, or all of the above, there is an option out there for your roof. Before finishing your next roofing project, be sure to have a great sealant picked out. It’s something that no roof should be without.


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